I love what I do and do what I love. From photography and graphic design, to art direction and direct marketing.

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Over the last 10 years, I have been working diligently to achieve success as a talented individual in the creative field. Having learned all the necessary skills to  work in the industry, I am actively looking for new ways to get involved in new projects, gain more experience and expand my creative knowledge.

Currently, I enjoy being part of an excellent marketing team at MarineMax as the Creative Arts Manager. While supporting the marketing needs of  the nation’s largest boat retailer, I’ve had the privilege of wearing several hats in  an effort to help both the company and myself be more successful. From being a wordsmith, to designing effective campaigns, or even crunching numbers and balancing budgets, I completely redefine any job title I grow into because I am too intrigued to say no. Additionally, I provide detailed art direction as the Creative Director for MarineMax’s bi-annual Lifestyles Magazine.

Skills are essential, but attention to detail is engrained. That is my motto. The truth is one cannot reach perfection, but we can become adept by learning to recognize errors, develop a magnificent eye for detail, and quickly make executive decisions to solve a problem. To me, that is the difference between a good designer, and what I like to call, a Creative Superstar. Which would you rather work with?

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